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Default Re: SAMP Zone Editor

A good suggestion for this would be if you are capable of doing it, a way to load previously made zones, by mysql or ini.

For Example your program could ask the user to point the program to his database and the table where the Zones are and then ask him which tables contain the X,Y,Z etc and then the program could load in all the ways and display them in the program. INI is kinda the same like way just ask the user which text file and what it should look for like give the user the ability to put past a line in like this:

ZoneA = xxx.yyy.zzz

not sure if this is way you would do it, but its just a suggestion.

An extra feature would be to also allow the user to color each zone, to help them keep track of which zone or zones belong to each other.

Just some suggestion that might be worth looking into.

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