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Default Re: Fraps and any other video programs don't work.

Originally Posted by Killerkid.
If you're running Vista make sure you run the fraps installer in admin mode by right clicking the installer and clicking "Run as administrator" because it needs to install codecs and then try recording again.
If you still have a problem try installing CCCP, Someone on this site said it worked.
Thanks for the links but just like the other codecs, they didn't work.

Originally Posted by iTails
What kind of chipset do you have? It could just be the Video card. Normally you would have a control panel to manage your settings, try to play around with those.
All i can really tell you is that it's an ATI Radeon HD 3200.

Originally Posted by Donny
Have you updated your DirectX and NET (dunno what Fraps requires) ?

Looks funky and reminds me of that Strangedays film when they mess up the feed.
DirectX 10.
.NET Framework 3.5.

And.. Now i can record any thing.. Including my desktop.
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