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Originally Posted by BigETI View Post
I appreciate all of your comments related to this release.
As a mod actually deleted this whole thread earlier, I have to say that THIS plugin is not going to hack memory of your servers. By deleting this post means to handle releases such as for example y_malloc as an evil hacking tool. y_malloc gives you the same functionalities, but this plugin might be slightly faster ( see speed comparison )

@leonardo1434 Did it compile without editing you anything inside the source code itself?
I'll add your binary once I am online at my computer again, of course.
No exactly, i had to fix the includes. But, the main code is the same, since i didn't found any windows specific features.

@Small fix at your context.

You have just lost the reference to the dynamicly allocated memory. This memory still exists, but it becomes totally useless, unless you've restarted your machine manually.
It's a little bit wrong, After the SAMP-Server is closed the OS itself will claim all the memory back. All it can lead is a memory leak.

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