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San Andreas Multiplayer's modification is indeed /NOT/ dead, calling a modification "dead" overall is ridiculous, but meh. Seems like since all those years, people haven't understod what a modification is, and what a dead community is. However, SA:MP is not dead. Here's why..

So SAMP stopped getting yearly updates, but yet we have increased with active and former players over the year, servers are growing but some servers are losing their playerbase and ending up in the trashcan. San Andreas is a very old game that most people can't even identify these days, let's face the fact that San Andreas is not as common as it once used to be, and that's understandable, years has passed and new more interesting games has been created. But the fact that San Andreas is constructed the way it is, that makes the game so unique that people still play this game. I grow up as a 5 year old to watch my brothers play San Andreas on PlayStation 2, and never did I know that I once was gonna place years of education of this game in my life once I became 10 or whatever. The fact that San Andreas has got the ability to do what it can at its current stage, is what Rockstar has lived on, any of you older members remember the day everyone was waiting for San Andreas to be released? Yeah, it was a big change to the gaming community to be honest. Never have I seen a game such as San Andreas, with the same concept. We have no idea how many people are still playing San Andreas Singleplay, and we never will be able to get that amount. But that doesn't matter, because let's go deep into SAMP; SAMP has been a life changing to lots of people here, takie Y_Less for one, or what about Vince (who just left samp though)? They were inspired of what SAMP was able to do and learnt scripting that way, and from there they went on to programming and so on. SAMP has changed many people's life, even if Kye, or you or the community overall can't face it. SAMP has always been a big part of the game, and if it wouldn't been for Kalcor starting this project whether he was alone or not, you all wouldn't be asking this question, "Is SAMP dead?". Because it's not dead, just fucking check the amount of servers running at this current timestamp; 3540 servers are currently online, go check on other games such as CS:GO for one, 52128, yeah, that's a lot, right? But atleast 30/40.000 of them are inactive and running on empty dedicated servers that no one is using, let's check on PUBG; actually, couldn't find a count of servers, but I did find a count of players, which is; 603,494, now before you judge that amount, the average players is; 359,723.
Now those games are the most popular ones in the real time, for example, both games has got ES leagues and champions. They're played as a competition and they've got weekly or atleast monthly updates for whatever reason they need. Most common is for sure glitch and bug fixes. Let's look at SA:MP, have we got any security bugs or glitches to be fixed? No, because Kye has already fixed what he can, just look at R2-2, he fixed the query flood thingy. That makes it clear that the project of SAMP has not died, it's still at life. Now let's look at the players of SAMP; 55860, oh, before everyone go and be like: "THOSE ARE ALL BOTS U FUCKING TWAT", no they're not. How do I know? Oh well, it's easy. How do you know they're bots? Where's your proof of every server with a high player amount has bots? Exactly, you don't have any proofs, oh don't come and be like "I DONT NEED PROOF YOU BASTARD", you're right, we're not in the United State's court of law. But what have you got to back your end up anyway? Nothing. Yet you all come and complain that SAMP is dying, that servers are using bots. Why the hell would you care anyway?! There's no fucking reason to play on a server with a 500 playerbase than a 100 playerbase. Personally, I'd play on a 100 playerbase, because we all know that server admins in the SAMP community can't handle the server at a playerbase over 50. Ha-ha.

Since we said that SAMP has got 55-860 players online right now, and it's about to go night in Europe, how can you possible say that SAMP is dying? I would understand like.. if we was like 10.000 to 5.000 players online, but we're up at fucking 55 thousands! That's now how it is when a server is dying, trust me, it's not. Do you want to see an actual community that's dying? Good old Habbo, They've gone that low that they even removed the online users bubble from their site, you can't check how many players is online, and trust me, it's under 1.000, guess how many players they used to have? Mhm, over 50.000, I'm not sure about how many, but I believe at one point they had 300.000 (I'M REALLY NOT SURE, I DON'T REMEMBER A LOT). Now that's what I call a dying community, including Habbo Retros, which is the reason I learnt scripting and programming. They used to have retros with atleast 3.000 players online, but now, the max you get is 30 on a retro. There's not a damn habbo retro with over 100 players online left.

In fact, as I said earlier, we're even growing still

Now is that enough of an answer for you?
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