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Default Re: How to activate a timer

Originally Posted by Calinut200 View Post
How to activate a timer like that only if a variable is 1;
PHP Code:
ptask name[1000](playerid
// my code

This is the timer from YNI includes, i wanna work only work if a variable test[playerid] = 1;
how to make that? I don't wanna to work in background each second and do nothing
You could create a player timer then.
PHP Code:
new Timer:mytimer[MAX_PLAYERS] = {Timer:-1, ...}; 
In your function, where you set that variable to 1 you should set the timer also.
PHP Code:
if(MyVariable[playerid] == 1)
mytimer[playerid] = repeat MyFunction(playerid); 
OnPlayerDisconnect, or when you put that variable on 0:
PHP Code:
if(mytimer[playerid] != Timer:-1)
stop mytimer[playerid];
mytimer[playerid] = Timer:-1;

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