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Default Re: Login and Register System - Dialogs - Using SII

Great tutorial! Well explained, reputation ++;

But, did I found a mistake?

pawn Code:
PlayerInfo[playerid][pScore] = INI_ReadInt("Score")
You didn't use SetPlayerScore to set the player's score back, lol

pawn Code:
GivePlayerMoney(playerid, INI_ReadInt("Cash"));
Just an example, before we logged in, we hacked the money to $9999999, then we log in, we got another money too ...

So I think it would be

pawn Code:
GivePlayerMoney( playerid, - GetPlayerMoney( playerid ) + INI_ReadInt( "Cash" ) );

// Or

ResetPlayerMoney( playerid );

GivePlayerMoney( playerid, INI_ReadInt( "Cash" ) );
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