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Default Re: Login and Register System - Dialogs - Using Y_INI

Before i put my 2 Cents in,

Kush, Thankyou for Posting this Wonderful Tutorial.
This is a Fantastic Tutorial, but not only a Spoon fed Tutorial, it's also Allowing people to see the basics.

Ex. Like, Whever you make a Command to Kill Yourself, you need the [pDeath] to Count as Well.

Now RealCop228,

I'll Just poke my 2 Cents in.

Haven't you heard 'If you haven't got Something nice to say, then Dont say it at all'?

Clearly Kush, is Taking His Own time to Post a Tutorial, ...Some people couldn't care Less about Helping other people Out, Yes you may be a Scripter, Yes you may be Good.

But Clearly Kush is Just Tryna Help out the people Who are Newly introduced to Pawn/C++ Syntax.

Cheers iiKyle

Once again thanks Kush, You do the SA-MP Forums Proud mate,
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