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Default Re: Login and Register System - Dialogs - Using Y_INI

Originally Posted by iiKyle View Post
Before i put my 2 Cents in,

Kush, Thankyou for Posting this Wonderful Tutorial.
This is a Fantastic Tutorial, but not only a Spoon fed Tutorial, it's also Allowing people to see the basics.

Ex. Like, Whever you make a Command to Kill Yourself, you need the [pDeath] to Count as Well.

Now RealCop228,

I'll Just poke my 2 Cents in.

Haven't you heard 'If you haven't got Something nice to say, then Dont say it at all'?

Clearly Kush, is Taking His Own time to Post a Tutorial, ...Some people couldn't care Less about Helping other people Out, Yes you may be a Scripter, Yes you may be Good.

But Clearly Kush is Just Tryna Help out the people Who are Newly introduced to Pawn/C++ Syntax.

Cheers iiKyle

Once again thanks Kush, You do the SA-MP Forums Proud mate,
I really do appreciate what you've said and that truly has motivate me! My intentions weren't to switch to Y_INI, but after doing a bit of research, the YSI package is truly phenomenal. ****** has truly put an immense amount of effort into this and I'm using almost every bit of it, y_commands, y_timers, y_groups, _y_ini. I'm almost in love with YSI and hopefully, I MAY release my gamemode using the newest and most efficient functions. I've been also getting lots of PM's lately regarding this tutorial. If anyone has any problems, please feel free to post here. I have over 200 messages regarding this, some with problems and some with people's regards.
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i have more reputation than you, that means i am more clever than you my friend
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