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Default Re: Hacked :S

lol DarkComet rat, install an antivirus and it will be gone or take your PC to the shop
No worries about this, it's not that bad, just don't give the 'hacker' time to get your passwords and shit

Originally Posted by Abagail View Post
That's obviously fake. Based on the graphics, it was done in Visual Studio(most likely using Visual Basic), so who's to say that you were even chatting with anyone?

And second, I don't think anonymous is going to be hacking SA-MP players. So even if it is real, that's just a wannabe hacker.
You don't know what you're talking about. (I used to do this kind of shit to people)
He's clearly infected with a darkcomet stub (darkcomet chat from the 'hackers' POV), which is easily removable.
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