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Default Re: Looking for scripters/helpers? Post here!

The Gaming Community (TGC) started out as a SA-MP server called Just Another Roleplay which is in it's final stages of development, we plan on launching mid-February. JA-RP was acquired in early December of 2018 by Hosting4Stars LIMITED, a private hosting company. After the acquisition, the new management team decided to go down the path towards a full gaming community instead of only a sa-mp server.

As of January 2019, TGC now has a Vanilla Minecraft server deployed, and we also plan on deploying a freeroamTDM/etc sa-mp server in the upcoming months along with the RP server.

Have you ever dreamt of being staff on a heavy roleplay server but it was always very complicated?

Just Another Roleplay is looking to fill several Server Moderator positions - Contact oh yeah yeah#6726 on Discord if you are interested, it is quite simple!

We're also looking for graphic designers for our website & Teamspeak3 server! If you are interested in a staff position with TGC, contact Jeff (contact information below)

If you have any questions, contact me @;
Discord: Jeff !
or email me @
TGC TeamSpeak 3:

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