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Default Re: SA-MP Scripting help me pls...

pawn Code:
mysql_tquery(SQL, qQuery, "insertAccount", "i", playerid);
You forgot a comma at this line

and this
pawn Code:
if(strlen(inputtext)) < 6 || strlen(inputtext) > 32)
should be:
pawn Code:
if(strlen(inputtext) < 6 || strlen(inputtext) > 32)

pawn Code:
mysql_tquery(SQL, qQuery, "insertAccount", "i", playerid); // the callback isn't the same of what you've defined

pawn Code:
function inserAccount(playerid) {
PlayerInfo[playerid][pSQLID] = cache_insert_id();
printf("%s s-a inregistrat #%d.", GetName(playerid), PlayerInfo[playerid][pSQLID]);
return 1;

You may fix it.
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