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Default Re: GTA won't start when I press Connect

Exact same problem, over the past two days I've reinstalled a good 15-20 Times. No Mods, Nothing like that. It's version 2.0, I downgrade it, It opens up and I get the 'Gta_sa.exe has stopped working'. I've done the compatibilty thing on the two .exe's, samp and gta_sa, reinstalled, got cracks, deleted cracks, refreshed computer, deleted the gta_sa.set. No luck at all.

I don't really want to bring my comp in and pay $90 bucks for a Diagnostic check, that my own diagnostic program's can tell me.

Any other suggestions?

I've searched, read nearly all the support topics on the website, including ones that don't apply to my problem. is my E-Mail, if anyone needs it.

Thanks in Future,
~ Regards, Zack.
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