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Default Re: [FS] ERegLog ( Advanced Register/Login System [Dialogs] )

Originally Posted by H ❽ H
Originally Posted by kingdutch
For something that looks this cool I find it a shame you're using a pVar array (Which is I suspect made by MAX_PLAYERS) instead of using the whole new PVar system (SetPVarInt, GetPVarInt, etc.)

Other than that, looks really nice Good work
Truth : i hate the new pVar system actually but don't tell anyone shhhhhh xD
I should use the report to moderator button below your post :O
Just kidding, may I ask why you hate it? (If you want to start a whole discussion, I'd be happy too, maybe we can tell Kye or whoever how it could be improved, but we should probably take it to a diff topic/pm )
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