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Default Re: /wantedcars list Command is bugging

I think you better go with ORM instead, Why? I see that you always assume the wInfo arrays always containing the same data in your database, like how you assume that after loading the data from mysql, the array is all filled then you expect it to show just same list as you do in database... No! If you do query like this, it is all copied to your server script memory, and so to keep it tied, you cannot just delete the item from database when you leave it in your wInfo memory... That's not how it work, you need to keep the both things synchronized if you wanted to achieve that. As the wInfo is just a basic stack, it is not the actual database... That's why we here almost did not understand what you wanted to do...

So if you don't want to change your mind on how treating these wInfo, use ORM instead, you still need to apply some changes however it will be easier.

Otherwise, please explain your scenario clearly what you wanted to do, what that code do, and what you expect it to do... Don't just give part of codes, and mentioning "i changed something" or "i type in the command are n working", we don't even know what command you meant without posting the code. especially it is non english (you can ask the deutsch scripters if you wish). I didn't mean to offend you but you need to learn and look for tutorials around here..
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