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Originally Posted by Juonis View Post
Thanks this helped. Also if player takes guns from pickup in server he/she gets kicked, can I turn off all the 'anticheats' for specific period of time, what should I do to prevent kicking player for taking guns from pickup? Players for taking guns using a pickup are kicked with "add ammo" anticheat.
Also innocent players are kicked for NOP even though they are not cheating; when player enter a vehicle and then leaves (not always, sometimes).

Also if you are using shotgun and switch to AK or M4 and shoot (with a short period of time) you will be punished for rapid.

So, how do I give weapons in order not to be kicked? I am using GetPlayerWeaponEx now.
About pickups and entering vehicles: may you show me the server log with kick messages in that period in debug mode?
You also can use "EnableAntiCheatForPlayer" function to enable or disable specifically anti-cheat code for player, just use it when you want to disable it and after some time enable it again, if you want.
As about rapid fire, I tested it, but unfortunately didn't saw anything

New Version v1.9.17

* Added check for the validity of the pickup when a player picks it up
* Increased the minimum distance of detection AirBreak onfoot

* Fixed anti-CJ run with a kick for landing on parachute (holding 'S' key)
* Fixed anti-FlyHack with parachutist animation

Download: See the first post
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