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Default Re: Nex-AC - Anticheat system

Originally Posted by PetritImeri View Post
Can you help me how to fix?
You do not need to paste the code in your script from include.
Just try to open the script by pawno which is located near the include folder

Originally Posted by diclofoss View Post
I have an issue in san fierro
I always kicked by #3 when trying to win vehicle school quest.
Can you show me the code which is executed at the time of detection?

Originally Posted by renatog View Post
Why don't you use Git properly? You create a ton of folders for each version of the include. You are using GitHub, but you aren't using Git version control, that does exactly what you want, but better in visual and organization. We can't see exaclty what you modified in each version, not without wasting time checking every file or putting them in an online text diff (which can't detect all diffs). You can use "release" feature to manage releases.
Thank you. Honestly, I've tried to do this through a structure with releases before, but at that time knowledge of Git is not allowed me to do it. If I will have time, maybe I'll try to do it
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