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Default Re: English heavy RP servers and their low playerbase

(to revive this old thread)
I'm sure that the problem here is that the real Heavy RP'ers or people interested in Heavy RP are either grown up, have a job so have very little time, or have advanced toward other games. Meanwhile the intrest in heavy RP shrinks with the new generation, for one the new generation plays newer games anyways (this was likely never part of their youth as this game was to us), and two (warning this is a generalization that may not be true) all the kids want now a days is money and cars and a house and whatever they can get their hands on, they don't actually want to ROLEPLAY as in ROLEPLAY they just want some RPG like system. Many RP servers that actually have players now-a-days are like that, just hand players a rediculous amount of money, cars, and a house, that's how they stay.
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