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Default [APP] TeleMaker (EN + FR Versions!)

SA-MP Teleport Maker By Franjdea

SA-MP Teleport Maker is just a simple program which generates useful Teleport codes, it has a few useful features such as:

- Send a message with SendClientMessage or GameTextForPlayer
- Teleporting with vehicles
- Lots of choices

Now I know theres programs like this, and I'm not going to go on about how I was the first, because I wasnt. I started this project about a year ago, did a really small amount of work but then put it on a memory stick and wiped my hard drive. Recently I found this incredily unfinished project and added all the code to make it working and easy to use, and also translated it to French (I know the translations are dodgy, it's my second language!).



SA-MP Teleport Maker - ENGLISH Version
SA-MP Teleport Maker - FRENCH Version - Translated it myself, but my french is pretty bad if someone wants to correct it for me.
Please give me feedback, thanks.


P.S: I know this is my first program I've released here, and I plan to release much better applications (as this app was from when I was a newb at VB), so please give me ideas for new applications, thanks.

EDIT: My 200nd post on this forum was here .
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