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Default Re: MySQL Registration System [Threaded Queries(R33+) + Whirlpool]

Originally Posted by PowerPC603 View Post
If some gamemode uses many tables, it would be nice to see the script creating them automatically.
Would you feel fine if a downloaded gamemode needs 10 tables, where every table has more than 10 columns, to create them by hand?
Should the author of the gamemode write a manual about how the tables should be named, which column has which name, content-type (int, float, text, byte, ...), instead of adding a line of code which will be used only once, as you said?

I'd rather have the gamemode create them in such a case, even if that code is executed only once.
Then everyone is certain they have the proper table-name and table-structure and don't have to fiddle around trying to get all tables created manually and testing if the script works using your manually created table.
I created a table with 35 columns a few days ago and it took a while to set it up.

Nice tutorial btw, I'll be using this.
They can create a .txt file with the queries for creating each table. All you will need then is just to copy them, paste them into phpMyAdmin and execute them once.
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