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Originally Posted by Gammix View Post
pawn Code:
#if !defined isnull
    #define isnull(%1) ((!(%1[0])) || (((%1[0]) == '\1') && (!(%1[1]))))

Do the same for these:
pawn Code:
#define FILE_SERVERIP           ""
#define FILE_SERVERPORT         (7777)         
#define FILE_LICENSEID          (20160201)      //<--- YYYYMMDD 01.02.2016 (DD.MM.YYYY)
#define FILE_MAX_PLAYERS        (500)           //max players in server.cfg
#define FILE_RCONPASS           "123"           //rcon password
#define FILE_LANGUAGE           "Polish"        //server language

So the user won't need to edit the include but do something like this:
pawn Code:
#define FILE_SERVERIP ""
#include <ScriptSecure>

And i think the only thing enough for security is the IP and PORT.
okay I might add, I personally love the protection time, useful when we are co-owner of the server
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