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Default Re: Should admins be able to see /PM's between players?

It's their server, you agree to the terms by playing there... If you don't like it, then find a new server and move to it.

If it's their 'want' to be snooping on PMs, then that's their issue, as it shows a power complex.

If they were looking at someone who's avoiding their ad protection, then they should be looking at their PMs, and then removing them from the server, along with making changes to pickup which ever way those guys got past the censor/block.

Seriously though, it's nothing for anyone to actually say about, it's their server, and you choose to play there.

Weigh up your concerns against the positives, and choose wisely. By tolerating their actions, you accept it as a normal thing.

Unless you are covered by another countries legal system that says you can't have your PMs read, then there's nothing to be done, and even then because the server's likely not in the resident country, there's likely nothing to be done even then.
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