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Default foreach 19 standalone include

I told ****** that I would maintain this old standalone version and he was OK with it.

Major changes in 19:


Iterators are now default set to ITER_NONE (-1), because in this version, an iterator can only hold 0 - size.
Added Iter_Finish and Iter_Previous marcos.
Remove \n at the end of the file.
Removed Iter_Debug & Iter_ShowArray (unused / disabled).
Remove space on function declarations.
foreach: clear each iterator under OnFilterScriptInit/OnGameModeInit.
Added a revised Iter_SafeRemoveInternal (ZiGGi).
Fix tags (ZiGGi).
Fix some grammar issue with spaces.

Code cleanup (renamed all Itter_ to Iter and removed excess).
Removed unnecessary information.
As I don't like how the newer foreach versions require YSI, this is the only one that I use.

This foreach 19 now replicas y_iterate at version 19.

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