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Originally Posted by TrentyK View Post
I think Iphone 6s is good, because many of people using it and it is faster, dont buy android, because if they put 8gb storage they will give you 2gb only!
Originally Posted by Alexia_Vitella View Post
Really Samsungs storage is that shitty? lol i was also thinking of getting the s7edge (maybe) but now i wont!
Thanks a lot!
TrentyK has no knowledge of what he's talking about. He probably bought a cheap Android phone with 2GB internal storage, and added a 8GB SDCard. The thing here is, 2GB internal storage won't be enough, since the OS stuff will be stored in the internal storage, plus even though when you install applications to SDCard, like 1/3 of it will still go to the internal storage because that's just how it is. I've experienced this with the Sony XPeria C. Basically, internal storage is pretty much the C drive on your computer(where Windows is installed to) and SDCard is your external hard drive(D/E/F etc).

Most applications' datas are stored in internal storage(ex. chrome web history/bookmarks etc.) and stuff you download on the internet(.apk's, music, etc.) can be stored on the SDcard.

I said TrentyK uses a cheap/outdated android phone because most new Android releases have more than 2GB internal storage. For example, Samsung S7 Edge here has an option of either 32/64 GB of memory, with an option to add two SDCards up to 200GB. Trust me, you won't get any problems of short on memory with 32GB+ internal memory as long as you install your applications to your SDcard.

At the end of the day, if you still doubt the S7 Edge, you should just go and get the iPhone 6/6s since it's your money, and you should get something you're going to be happy with. In my opinion 6/6s has a very nice and elegant look, iOS isn't that bad either although it's mainstream. S7 Edge has better specs and more features (?) but these Android phones focus less on aesthetics and more on specifications.
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