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Default Smoothly door rotating help needed

Hey there!

I'm started to make a new skin selector system like in singleplayer but i'm close to get a headache becouse i can't rotate the door smoothly. If i add a low value whenever i moving the object, the rotating almost equal with nothing, or it will too fast (i added values less than 0.05). Whenever i add more >= 0.05 to Z the door will move smoothly but it will ugly becouse it's easily to notice if it's height increasing. My second problem is that, whenever OnDynamicObjectMoved called, the object stops for a few ms, and it's also very ugly. I don't know how should i solve this, but i have a few idea, but i need your advices too.

I'd like to create this opening door effect.

Whenever it's reach its RZ + maybe 65-75 value the object should move a little with a slower speed.
But as i said, whenever the object reachs that value, it will stop for a few ms, and start moving again a little bit.

So if i right i know how to make that you can see on the video, but i dont know how to rotate and sadly i dont have so much time to deal with this problem on my own.
So guys u hope you could help me / know a value which is enough to rotate the object smoothly 😃

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