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Originally Posted by [HiC]TheKiller View Post
Remember that

pawn Code:
if(strcmp("/help", cmdtext, true) != 0)

Is actually checking if the command isn't correct. Your way wouldn't even work, because you are setting CMD[playerid] to true when the player connects. This makes it so regardless if the player had typed /help yet, the player wouldn't get asked to type /help. You also have absolutely no way of setting the command typed to true when the player typed the command.
I guess I miess read that part.
Also, I just know that he asked that player can't type any command execpt /help if CMD is false.
It can be use for mute command or anything.

Originally Posted by Lorenc_ View Post
I noticed one thing, that you failed to write the code inside 'OnPlayerCommandReceived' properly and stop trying to compete against people in scripting. They have their own style intro coding, and you should respect that. TheKiller posted code that should work fine.
It's just the bracket. I forgot to remove that.
Why you said I'm trying to compete against people? I just trying to fix the code.
And also there's nothing tell us that I disrespect TheKiller .
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