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Default SAMP Query on client


I was observing the operation of the mechanism of queries in SAMP and I noticed a failure in the SA-MP client that some servers in favorites did not work sometimes and I had to delete the IP Address and add it again so that the client receives queries.

This is because when you open the SA-MP Client, the hash of ports in the payload of the query is never done correctly in the favorites list and you have to delete and add it again.

This problem happens only in the client 0.3.7 R3 because in the 0.3.7 DL this problem seems to be solved.

I also take this same thread to report another BUG in the SAMP client and it is that some hackers are bothering in the hosted tab by setting servers with the modified queries mechanism and sending the server ping in -1 and this causes an interger overflow in the client and it is annoying because sometimes the crash application or the MSGBOX appears saying “interger overflow”.

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