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Default Re: Geforce Gtx1050 2gb

Originally Posted by Gforcez View Post
new generation of i3's are quad cores, so should be fine if you're really on a budget. but if you're working with that kind of budget I would recommend an AMD Ryzen CPU.
The problem with that is lack of cache. I get being on a budget (I've been on a budget for 43 years), but investing ANY amount in an i3 for gaming is going to result in an investment that lasts less than a year before more money is spent to get up to at-least an i5. If the decision is between 'i3 now or i5 later'...patience is always the better answer.

Anaology: You NEED a car to get to work, and you're tired of rides from friends. You can buy a $500 car now, or save up for a $2000 car. The $500 car gets you to work for a few months, then it blows the fuck up and makes you late, back to bumming rides, now you need to pay for repairs, car insurance even though you can't drive it, the expensive registration for tags that are useless now because the car isn't going anywhere, etc etc etc


You keep riding with friends for 6 more months, even tho its annoying AF. The $2000 car DOESN'T blow up within a month or two, you only have to pay for tags for one car, the insurance bill doesn't hurt as much because the car its for is functional, etc etc etc.

When it comes to this CPU scenario: Spending $100 to get MAYBE 5 more fps on a gamble, versus spending $300 in a few more months to get 30 more fps. That 5 extra fps is going to be 'fun' for maybe a month or two...then its back to the same ole problems.
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