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Default Re: Still playing samp?

Originally Posted by Diabloa View Post
Unfortunately we all grow up in age and have no more time for sa-mp. Even if I wanted to play now, life wouldn't allow me as an adult I have tasks and duties to do. And the gold times of sa-mp were till 2012. The gold and prosperous times of NG RP and LS RP. Back then till 2012 the roleplay communities had taste, uniqueness and excitement like a kid who waits Santa Claus to bring gifts. Because back then you had to earn to join a hard core mafia family or hitman organization and you had to try hard. But now... all of this excitement is lost, because nowadays you just need to send a PM asking to join a mafia or organization and you're in. Roleplay community won't be the same as back then till 2012. The gold times. And I guess our growth in age matters too.
The only thing I can agree on is the fact that the older you get the less time you have. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out.

It's exactly the same with my life and how it barred me from playing SA-MP, regardless of how much I wish to return back to it. Work, getting married after COVID-19 fucks off, etc.

With the experience I've gathered playing RP on SA-MP, I'm confident to say there are most likely no RP servers worth going back for anyway. Only thing there is to do is lurk SA-MP forums to remind yourself of those good old days.
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