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Default Re: Assets ( Businesses )

The prices of player-to-player assets (i.e houses, businesses, in-character services) are generally controlled by an economic concept called "inflation", I wont explain it here as there are better resources that can explain it better, but the oversimplified version of inflation is: higher inflation = more expensive prices.

Inflation is a real thing in both the real world and also in SA-MP servers that allow transferring assets for in-game currency (I.e. even non-RP servers can have inflation too).

What I tried to do on my old servers to keep prices down was to implement a tax bracket system, where every Payday (i.e. payment every hour in-game), a player over a certain amount of money will get taxed a certain percentage.

I.e. if a player makes over $100,000/payday they will get taxed 40% decreasing the total amount they receive to $60,000 which means that $40,000 was then taken from the player and removed from the economy (i.e. destroyed permanently, no way to get it back without senior admin help)

Of course, removing money from an already existing economy is something I've never had to deal with due to the fact that my servers never had many players. But removing money from an economy I'd imagine would be a challenge, as people don't like losing money arbitrarily.

One thing you could do to remove money from the economy is decreasing the payment received from in-script jobs and auto-generated money and increasing the prices for in-script purchases (i.e. buying houses from the market, buying cars, etc.)
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