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Unhappy Re: GTA V *FREE* on Epic Games

Originally Posted by KingPlayer View Post
Well, I forgot to mention that FiveM is still playable unlike GTA online. There's no point spending your time on GTA online, it's just a waste of time.
I know that there are heists and jobs you can do, but that stuff gets boring over time.
Originally Posted by Uberanwar View Post
I just tried FiveM recently. Idk why but somehow the sync sucks and I got low fps compared to playing GTA 5 Online.
I tried FiveM too, but most servers I tried were unplayable. SA-MP has much higher-level gamemodes compared to FiveM. They crash very easily, and there are some server half translated in some language and half english, showing that what most server owners do is copy and paste some open source code and try to put it all together.
Also, I found that 99% of the servers are Role Play servers, and many require whitelisting...
Still to this day, nobody has made a decent freeroam game mode that is fun to play, so I still play GTA Online when I want to play GTA with someone, most of the time just to do jobs and heists, because the freemode sucks.
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