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Default Re: Worst bug on SA:MP anyone knows how to fix it?

Originally Posted by Shellegg
Well i don't know the origin of this bug, it just happened.

This is the deal, many players are logged in the same interior ID and virtualworld ID but you still doesn't see anyone, you can hear local messages like /me's but you cannot see the player.
but there are exceptions, some times when they are close enough and one player enter in a vehicle like a bike, the other player see him sitted on the bike but when the player that was in the bike leaves it, the other player will see it siited on the bike.

A bit confused sentence

There is other case too, sometimes we see the other player freezed on the map with health on the nameplate on 0 (zero).
But like the bike it doesn't move and the guy who is freezed in the other player "dimension" doesn't see the guy who see him!

Damn, this bug is the most confused and worst, anyone knows how to fix it or some ideias to fix it?
Thank you very much, all help is appreciated

Well on the usual interior, 0, I don't seem to be having any of those problems, have you checked other servers, or is this only yours? This only happened to me in one case, I used a heavy code under OnPlayerUpdate, after removing that, everything went fine.
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