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Default Street Robbery

Street Robbery
(Fresh Start Update)

Hey guys i made this filterscript in the hope that maybe i will help someone that needs it.


This is a robbery system where you can rob any player within a certian distance, but in order to perform a robbery you will need
to have a knife equipped, there is also a 75% chance you will not succeed, you can rob a player for an amount between $100 and $100,000.

  • /sr
  • /srhelp

  • Custom robbery amount
  • Need to be near player to rob
  • Knife needs to be equipped to rob
  • Wanted stars for robbing
  • 75% chance for failing


pawn Code:
#define MAX_ROBBERY_AMOUNT 100000 (you can change to max amount)
#define MIN_ROBBERY_AMOUNT 100 (you can change to min amount)

  • sscanf.dll/so
  • (required for the

  • Place the .amx in the 'filterscripts' folder
  • add sr.amx in your server.cfg on the filterscript line
  • Run and enjoy!


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