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Default Discord for SA-MP?

Why has nobody has claimed this excellent opportunity to create an immense change among servers?

My reason is that I'm too incompetent to make it in the most effective and efficient manner...

I won't explain Discord. But you can check it out yourself. It's ultimately the TS3 and soon-to-be IRC replacement.

What do I think should be made?

Nothing more than a similar-IRC style plugin for Discord. Relaying messages between ingame to discord with a bot.


Don't have to stress about the foco/other network getting ddos attacked (whole reason i left it) nor stress about our own TS3 server getting attacked. It supports emojis and markdown formatting and we can share media very easily. Players can communicate and make friends between servers easily. Best of all, it is modern.

I've shifted to this service (love it for months), and so do communities that I know. A SA-MP bot-port is needed greatly!

I will reward the active developer that caters to this need among many sa-mp communities (should be public on GitHub ofc). Just post here if ur willing to give this a snap...

Can someone please make a public Discord Plugin for SA-MP?

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