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Default =>SInclude<= [v1.3] Usefull Functions

I made, beside my Countdown-include, a Pocketmoney-include.
I decided to add them together to 1 include:


This Includes:
  • Countdown
  • PocketMoney
  • CarFunctions
  • Skydiving
  • Saving & Loading player position
  • RandomSpawn-Creator

Update History:

[V1.0] <<<<========== Click for more explanation
  • CreateCountdown(time, sound);
  • CreatePlayerCountdown(playerid, time, sound);
  • StopCountdown();
  • StopPlayerCountdown(playerid);

[V1.1] <<<<========== Click for more explanation
  • EnablePocketMoney(amount, frequency);
  • DisablePocketMoney();
  • SetPocketMoneyAmount(amount);
  • SetPocketMoneyFrequency(seconds);
  • TogglePocketMoneyMessage(toggle);

[V1.2] <<<<========== Click for more explanation
  • SkydivePlayer(playerid, hight);
  • Cardive(carid, hight);
  • FlipCar(carid);
  • ResprayCar(carid);
  • SavePlayerPos(playerid);
  • LoadPlayerPos(playerid);

[V1.3] <<<<========== Click for more explanation
  • AddSpawnPos(X, Y, Z, Angle, Interior, VirtualWorld);
  • RandomSpawnPlayer(playerid);

[FS]SpawnPositionCreator <<<<========== Click for more explanation

With this filterscript you can easily create ready-to-use AddSpawnPos-functions
You can save a position using: /savespawnpos (+ comment (optional))
Interiors and VirtualWorlds are supported!

- If a 'public' countdown is already started, you cant start a player-countdown
- If a player-countdown is running, and a public-countdown gets created, the player-countdown will stop.

Put the file '' here:

Then put on top of your gamemode:
#include <SInclude>

- SpawnPositionSaver.pwn (Mediafire)
- SpawnPositionSaver.amx (Mediafire)

- MediaFire

- MediaFire
- PasteBin

- MediaFire
- Pastebin

- MediaFire
- Pastebin
- Crazyhost (Thanks Numhaken)
Note: If you're gonna use V1.0, the include is called:
Mirrors are welcome

Please Keep Credits!

If you find bugs, or do you have ideas or tips, please post them here.

Have fun with it!


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