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Angry Challenge to the experts. FPS DROP

Hello people are new here, my name is Alper.I am from Germany and absolutely need your help! I am already desperate. since 3 days is like that Hope for your help because I just do not know how and what to do ..

I'll come right to my problem. Undzwar my samp (GTA San Andreas Multiplayer) iwie not right. I recently bought a new high-end PC.
But now the mysterious problem I just can not fix and that drives me crazy.

So I start the game, and then I have to log in with my password and then boom -.- it LAGGT I have a FPS of 6-12
Other games like Fortnite, CSGO are going great!

And now the big phenomenon: This error is strangely meant to be in time fluctuation last night at 21:00 everything ran smoothly after I deleted the NVIDIA Experience. And then at 6 o'clock tomorrow this error came or what it is now again after the game reboot I logged in and I was back on 7-10 FPS. This can not be it

It is strangely only with me so others with whom I zsmn games have not only I! -.-

That's why I hope someone here knows very well about hardwares and can fix it for me

I do not understand why and why.

what have I tried?

1. GTA reinstalled
2. Driver reinstalled
3. Xbox DVR or so disabled (I'm on the ******d on it brought nothing brings.)
4. Fpslimit off
5. ****** for solutions nothing helped.
6. Experience cleared
7. All files in the background
8. Antivir off
10. Nividia Experience deleting and still Driver for Nvidia Installed

To my PC hardware: that is from Mifcom
Graphics card RTX 2080 Super
RAM: 32 GB
i9 9900k

I do not know any more and you ??

Please help ..

With best regards
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