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Default Re: Need help with spatial geometry

Could you give us your createobject lines, to lazy to look up the modelids

And the _lnx part is kind of unnecessary
Originally Posted by Lunoxx View Post
EDIT: _lnx because I saved in this function offsets in variables.
Because you can get the offsets with Streamer_GetFloatData if I am not mistaken

Also I am wondering, isn't is just the z rotation of your crane + distance of magnet +- height?, provided the crane is on a flat surface.

Something like that?
pawn Code:
x = craze_base_x + distance_to_magnet * floatsin(-crane_z_rot, degrees);
y = craze_base_y + distance_to_magnet * floatcos(-crane_z_rot, degrees);
z = craze_arm_z - magnet_offset;
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