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Default Vehicle help.

Hello everyone,

I'm trieing to set a server up to play on with my friends and i'm using a filterscript for the vehicle system. AVS from MadeMan. However i contacted him and he didn't really wanted to help me because i'm a beginning scripter.

Here's the code of the filterscript:

What does it need?:

- Owned player cars only need to spawn when they actually connect.

Like the thing i found out is that if you when you create a dealership vehicle the value in the ini file called "Created" will be set to 1 (for ex: Created = 1).

When a player actually owns a car the line is Created = 2.

He told me that i need to look at the (delete vehicle option and the buy option), but hey i am a beginner in samp scripting and i know allready some things but not something such advanced as this.

So i hope someone is willing to help me out with this. It would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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