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Default Server Control Panel V1

Well, I've been working on this from a while and I'm proud with these results, A SA-MP Server Control Panel (.exe file). I got some skills in Python so I wanted to make an application which is related to SA-MP And this is what I made.
The 1st version isn't that great, But for sure I'll keep working on it to update it. This version give the admin the ability to ban/kick users without logging in. What will you need? You should put the FTP Details (IP/Host, User Name and Password). How will this even work? Simply the 'Server CP.pwn' file will take care of everything.
Finaly, Please keep the credits. If you spotted a bug or have a suggestion, Explain it in a reply here or just PM me. I'll work on it. Till now I didn't find any bug. And if you are looking for a custom application, Let's have a chat via PMs.

Don't forget to rep. !! Thank you!

******* Video
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Pss I suck at creating/editing videos.

How To Install?
You need few includes:After adding these includes to your "Pawno\includes" folder, Simply add this FilterScript to your folder and server settingsAnd then this is the executable file:And the final step is to create a folder with "CPFolder" as a name in your "scriptfiles" folder. Where the objects will be stored.

  • SA-MP Team -
  • DracoBlue -
  • PyInstaller contributors - Pyinstaller (Compile to executable file)

Note: The application should login at the main server folder "/", This will be improved in the comming updates.

Update: Added a Github link to check the Source Code, Click Me, So you will feel 'Safe' using this version.

I'm not here for Scamming people, As I can simply do it in other areas.

Offering programming/scripting services. PM for more info.

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