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Default Re: 0.3b Development bar gone

Originally Posted by Rainmaker View Post
New account ? Hm.

It would be announced if anything changed I guess.
Offtopic: Yes, I've got a new account. You must notice I created this acc less than 2 hours ago, maybe less than 1 hour ago. My old acc is kinda abandoned, so to say. :P
Why do I love it so much when people agree with me? Such an attention whore I am.

Ontopic: It's probably gonna be back soon, 'cuz Kye won't stop the development of 0.3b. He promised that he will develop 0.3b. Technically, we want this version atleast. SA-MP has enough (almost). The only thing I want is a working complete GUI system and SA-MP is complete for me. But I hope Kye will develop SA-MP beyond 0.3b anyway. Is it just me or I'm changing the subject. W/e.
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