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Default Re: Little Suggestions for SA:MP 0.3

Originally Posted by BeckzyBoi
Originally Posted by kaisersouse
If that works, then I will come back and thank you. Either way:

Surely you have at some point in your life done subtraction?..
I used "smartass" because "arrogant jerk" just seemed a bit too harsh.
And both seemed unnecessary seeing as though knowing how to subtract, especially with pawn where you don't need to do calculations as it works out the answer for you, is not really being smart..

If you don't like that idea then maybe create a basketball or something at the player and give it 10 seconds to drop, once it has dropped then get the object's position and work out the difference.
Nope, basic subtraction doesn't require much in the way of brains. My issue was trying to get the original values that required the subtraction. Your second post on that issue (the one that actually helped) was far more useful than the first (holier-than-thou pointing out of the obvious).
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