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Originally Posted by iMTube™ View Post
how to use CP? for this free hosting company i would like to try it out -_
Are we supposed to guess what hosting company you're using? why won't you simply request assistance there as it has nothing to do with samp and not all of us use free services.

Taking my time on focusing on Education and learning how to draw.

Originally Posted by KevinExec View Post
I don't know shit, you're an expert, telling me what to do and how noobish I am, do you think I get you?

P.S.: I offer .ini scripting services.

- Quoted by not other than KevinExec, the "master" of PAWN language
Originally Posted by iMTube™ View Post
don't act OP coz u will never be Op
Rest in Pieces iMTube™, you won't be missed coz you are Op
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