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Default Re: Newer CPU & higher lags on large player base

Originally Posted by Kalcor View Post
The main part of the sa-mp server that handles sync/pawn scripts is single threaded.

Intel Core i7-4790K @ 4.00GHz
Single Thread Rating: 2530
Intel Core i7-7700K @ 4.20GHz
Single Thread Rating: 2583

There's little single threaded performance difference between these CPUs.

Figuring out problems like this are tough because there are so many variables. It could be: the linux kernel, network card, router/route, the uplink, the C/C++ runtime, the iptables configuration etc etc.

You can only figure out things like this by A/B testing. Given the CPUs have nearly identical single threaded performance, I'd say it's not the CPU.

If you can, reinstall the linux distro to ubuntu or some distro that uses the same kernel version. That would narrow it down quite a bit.
There's at least two independent cases of older gen processors performing way better than the new ones. It seems to be connected to the far higher tick rate in the newer generation CPUs, in this thread alone, it's not just one guy. I also think nobody will use Ubuntu, as the latest version of Ubuntu that doesn't have glitches for SAMP is Ubuntu 12, whereas Ubuntu 14/16 have many issues, same with Debian 8 Vs 9. I'm pretty sure all big servers use CentOS.
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