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Default Respuesta: Re: how remove objects added by SA-MP?

Originally Posted by Amunra View Post
RemoveBuildingForPlayer !!
Read More on Wiki SAMP
Originally Posted by Dayrion View Post
SA:MP didn't added any objects on the map. They added skins. If you want remove BUILD use RemoveBuildingForPlayer(playerid, modelid, Float:fX, Float:fY, Float:fZ, Float:fRadius) like Amunra said.
WOW, how didn't I think?

I'm not stupid or ignorant programming, much less for GTA SA and / or SA-MP.

if you want to check it, use Map editor to these coordinates (221.9614, 1239.0225, 1083.6190) and then enters the game and see those same coordinates with a game mode of 0.

I can not delete these objects with RemoveBuildingForPlayer because they are not standard models GTA SA, nor with DestroyObject because I have the objectid.
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