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Default Re: Grove & Ballas Skin Recolors

Originally Posted by AndrewBones View Post
Well at least your English doesn't prove it
Seriously? So what is the indicator of IQ on the programming forum? In any case, my English is much better than your Russian.

Originally Posted by AndrewBones View Post
and let's stay off this guy's topic, he's a Beta tester, no need to shit-talk him
That's because he is a beta tester, to him and increased attention. We thought that the team takes those who do something better than others. And here I do not see it. & it's for you:
Originally Posted by Kasis View Post
lulz amount of asslick is appreciated LMAO
So don't forget that this is a forum. Here everyone can express their opinion, but it is not only positive. Do not want to see opinions - close the topic. And you obviously picked the wrong opponent for the discussion.
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