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Default Re: My own trucking server (still in development)

- busdriver class working (only random routes, busdriver's license has no effect currently).

Only 3 testing busroutes for now (will be changed later, more routes to come), they have "SomeStart1" and "SomeStop1" as description.
Code is complete for now (maybe some changes later on), except for the busdrivers license.

When starting a busdriver job, you won't get any cash when you arrive on the first busstop.
Reason: you get $9 per passenger who LEAVES your bus (a random amount of passengers leave your bus when you stop on a busstop).
When you start the job, there aren't any passengers on your bus yet, so a passenger cannot leave and you get no payment.

Up to 30 passengers (minimum 10) can be waiting at a busstop.

The maximum amount of busstops per route has been changed to 30 (may change later in case some busroutes are longer).

When you have reached the last busstop on the route, you also get scorepoints (defined in the route).

- /work dialog was shown when you have a truckers license and you were not inside a trucking vehicle, you now get a message like always: "You must be driving a trucking vehicle to start a job"

New zip-file is uploaded, download it using the link in the first post.

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