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Default Re: SKY Plugin causing timeouts?

Originally Posted by bugheada View Post
I have same problem, sometimes during the day timeout of many players. I use VPS with Linux version Debian 9 and samp 0.3 DL version.
Used plugins:
Crashdetect (4.19.4)
MySQL (v2.1.1)
Pawn.RakNet plugin v1.3.0
SKY (2.2.0 - updated for this version yestrday, i will be check timeouts from today)

But i have experions with timeouts during 2 - 5 minutes after connectin to server ( clean server without plugin only with installed version of samp linux server 0.3. DL and 0.3.7 ) and only reinstall of linux distribuction fixed these timeouts. I tried update libraries, uninstall, kill process but nothing works, only reinstall distribution.

Penguin1997 if you fix this, you write me PM with solution
My issue got resolved by switching from 0.3.7 R2-1 to 0.3.7 R2-2, and I've sent you a pm.

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