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Default Port Forwarding fail

Once I managed to run a server, then I removed the port forward rules then I made the same rules again, after that i can't access my server anymore (failed to connect to server) but the router log said the port forwarding is sucessfull, I made the rules exactly like I did before, no change. I have static IP address ( , port 7777.

Then I run "netstat -aon" on CMD to know wether my samp-server.exe listens to the port or not. Then I found this... is the local address
*:* is foreign address
blank space is the state (LISTENING, ESTABLISHED, TIME_WAIT)
19968 is the PID (Process ID) of samp-server.exe

the program has no state so it is blank space.
My question is... is that really a problem?

Summary: I've create the server sucessfully then I deleted the port forward rules then made it again like before, then I failed to connect, I don't know how to fix this, please answer my question and help me with this stuff, your help is very appreciated
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