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Default AW: Re: AW: Re: AW: SampSharp - Write gamemodes in .NET

Originally Posted by ikkentim View Post
Ill check what the issue is.

By command groups, what do you mean, something to check permissions? Something to group them by for a /help command?
A part of my command stucture:

/help (alias: h, shortcut: 0)
/admin (is a group, alias: a)
/admin toggle (alias: t, shortcut: 1)
/admin teleportation (is a group, alias: tp)
/admin teleportation coords (alias: c, shortcut: 2)
/admin teleportation fetchplayer (alias: fp, shortcut: 3)
/admin teleportation player (alias: p, shortcut 4)

For example, if you want to teleport yourself to specific coords, you can use any of the following:
/admin teleportation coords [arguments]
/2 [arguments]
/a teleporation coords [arguments]
/a tp coords [arguments]
/a tp c [arguments]
/admin tp coords [arguments]
/admin teleportation c [arguments]

That's how i did it for me.

By the way, I am very familar with C# and would like to support you if you want me to.



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