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Default Re: Ultimate Creator - object, vehicle, actor editor (and more)

Originally Posted by Leon98 View Post
[19:56:32] Run time error 4: "Array index out of bounds"
[19:56:32]  Attempted to read/write array element at index 72 in array of size 72
[19:56:32] AMX backtrace:
[19:56:32] #0 003d8ddc in public AddCar (72) from CG-RP1.amx
[19:56:32] #1 003a3290 in public Itter_OnGameModeInit () from CG-RP1.amx
[19:56:32] #2 native CallLocalFunction () from samp-server.exe
[19:56:32] #3 00003940 in public Streamer_OnGameModeInit () from CG-RP1.amx
[19:56:32] #4 native CallLocalFunction () from samp-server.exe
[19:56:32] #5 00002490 in public OnGameModeInit () from CG-RP1.amx
As you can see, the problem is in your gamemode. Somewhere you are trying to access an array with a size of 72 in cell 72 (which is out of bounds of this array). However, show me your "AddCar" public.
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