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Default PAWN Fiddle - Share & run PAWN code online

PAWN Fiddle
Share & run PAWN code

PAWN Fiddle is a playground platform for the PAWN scripting language. Create, execute, fork and share code snippets across the SA-MP community.

What is this for?
If you need help with your code, you can use this fiddle service instead of posting big code blocks in the forum or discord which isn't really testable. With PAWN Fiddle you can send a complete example of your problem, which makes it easier for the other person to fix your code / help you with the integrated compiler and plugin / include support. This could also be used to demonstrate the use of your plugin / include (provided it's a sampctl-compatible PAWN-package), or snippet hosting.

How do I use this?
  1. Navigate to
  2. Select the dependencies your fiddle needs.
  3. Write / Paste your code.
  4. Check if your code compiles, by clicking the Run button.
  5. Share your fiddle with the world.

Liveserver (Beta)

GitHub (Source Code)
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